Grace Kelly with her Oscar for Best Actress at the 27th Academy Award in 1955. She won for her role in The Country Girl and had competed for the award with Judy Garland, who was up for A Star Is Born.  

Welcome to Doses of History!

Here you will find a blog about history! Posting at least weekly, though likely more often than that, stories and pictures of history that I happen to find interesting. Nothing is off limits: from the Ancient Romans, to the Golden Age of Hollywood, to even the history that is happening right now! From legendary playwrights to Gilded Age robber barons; iconic feuds, to mysterious crimes, to sinking ships. Anything and everything in history that fascinates me will be represented here. "Random Stories of History That I Find Interesting And Want To Share With The World" is a much more appropriate title for this blog, though the URL was already taken.

A portrait depicting the Roman Emperor Nero looking over the corpse of his manipulative mother, Agrippina the Younger, whose death he ordered in the year 59 AD. Supposedly all he could remark on was how beautiful she really was. 

I love history, and this blog will, essentially, be my excuse to not only write about history and stories that I love, but also to do even more research. More books, more archives, more online articles, etc. I have my special areas of research that I've done over the years, but with this blog I hope to broaden my horizon. People, in particular, fascinate me, as opposed to battles and events, however those will not be off limits. Again, everything and anything will be included.

A view of the Cornelius Vanderbilt II mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City, overlooking Central Park, with the Plaza Hotel towering the background, circa 1905. The mansion was a block-long and was the largest home ever erected in the city to-date. 

Please feel free to share comments, insights and information! And, most importantly, I hope you learn something new, because history, truly, is fascinating!

- Tyler


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